Floating Giants: The Barry Prentice Story

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About Our Documentary

"Floating Giants: The Barry Prentice Story" tells the story of Dr. Barry Prentice and his relentless pursuit of meaningful government and public attention to the inadequate state of transportation to Northern Canadian Communities, and an available solution - airships.

Dr. Prentice, a Transportation Economist and tenured Supply Chain Professor at the University of Manitoba, has written several research papers and presented to industry and Canadian government officials about the feasibility of airship technology – receiving a great deal of interest and ridicule – but virtually no action.

Dr. Prentice argues the airship is a technology largely abandoned and misunderstood, haunted by the legacy of the Hindenburg Airship tragedy in 1937.

So convinced of the viability of airships, Dr. Prentice invested his own time and money into building his own airship and hangar to test his theory.

He argues the rapidly deteriorating reliability of ice roads due to climate change is creating a crisis in Northern Canada and should be sounding alarm bells within the Federal Government.

This transportation challenge is one contributing factor to the fact that a large number of Northern Canadian Communities lack basic reasonable food security, and access to affordable everyday resources.

The documentary will capture Dr. Prentice’s intense commitment to airships as an economic and humanitarian solution to the long-standing problem of access to remote Northern Communities.

Please join us in Barry’s journey captured on film.